Maine Painters, A Catalog, Vol. III

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September 2017 | view this story as a .pdf

Maine Painters are making exciting news at auction. Enter this story to experience the individual works, auction-house locations, and stunning prices realized this year.

Compiled by Blair Best, Ryanne Desjardins & Angela Fernandez

Jamie Wyeth (1946-) Monhegan Island, Declaration of Independence, 40″ x 30.25″, oil on canvas. Bonhams New York, 2017, $307,500.

Jamie Wyeth illustrates the historic moment of a weary Thomas Jefferson reading the work of his pen–the incendiary Declaration of Independence–its truths igniting all about him in a prophetic blaze of almighty glory. It’s a history painting depicting the inspired moment when a truly divine and greater power has been at work, using Jefferson as the vessel or agent. Jefferson is spent–as if having been violently possessed. I love the candlelight illuminating the paperwork in the lower part of the painting, as if it’s a roiling inferno. A terrific painting!

–Andres Verzosa, curator and founder of Portland’s First Friday Artwalk


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